Jordan Fry

Family and Small Group Health Coach

Jordan’s Story

Jordan has had a passion for helping people and being physically active his entire life. In 2012, this passion led him to do an internship at a local training facility where he quickly grew to be one of their top trainers. Within his three years of coaching and over 4,500 hours of group training experience, Jordan has developed an all-encompassing view of physical fitness. He enjoys exploring all realms of health and being balanced is his forte’. Whether it is mobility, powerlifting, conditioning, bodybuilding, or mental/physical therapy he sees them all as beneficial parts that are needed in order to reach holistic health. Jordan is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training, Precision Nutrition for nutrition, Kettlebell Athletics for kettlebells, and by the International Youth Conditioning Association for youth fitness. He has partaken in an USAPL powerlifting competition, receiving a silver medal in his weight class. He has taken many yoga and mobility classes. He has taken part in physical transformation challenges in which he lost over 10 pounds of fat while gaining muscle and strength. He gains insight from chiropractors and attends seminars on body movement. Helping people attain their goals and have a better quality of life is what drives him daily. He observes each person as an individual in order to establish personal needs and treats everyone equally because he realizes we all have room to grow.